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Information for Injured Workers

We Are Here to Help

When you suffer a work-related injury, your thoughts turn to your medical and return-to-work needs. At the Idaho Industrial Commission, our rehabilitation staff will help you through the medical recovery process. We will also make every effort to assist with your return to work that is within your physical abilities and is as close to your time-of-injury wage as possible.

How We Can Help

Our rehabilitation staff will work with you to develop a return-to-work plan and help facilitate your medical recovery.


  • Your individual needs and concerns resulting from your accident are properly handled.
  • Your medical recovery goes well.
  • A carefully controlled vocational plan of action is established and maintained to help you return to your time-of-injury level of employment.


  • Physical and environmental job requirements.
  • Job modifications to accommodate physical restrictions established by your physician.
  • Other job possibilities with your employer.
  • The timeline for your return to work.


  • Your ability to return to your previous employment based upon evaluation of the physical and environmental conditions of your job.
  • Your approximate return-to-work date.
  • Physical restrictions or limitations which may affect your ability to perform your full job duties.
  • If you would benefit from additional services that would help in your recovery and return to work.


A Team Effort

Your return-to-work plan emphasizes a team effort, designed to take full advantage of your present and anticipated abilities. We will consult with employers, physicians, therapists, unions, insurance companies, and others involved in your recovery. Together we can make great strides in guiding your successful return to the workforce.

What You Can Expect

Our rehabilitation staff is ready to help you manage your medical recovery and return to work. We will provide a wide range of support services to suit your specific needs.

We will:

  • help you with setting return-to-work goals.
  • develop a thorough evaluation of your job's physical and environmental requirements. This evaluation will help your medical provider understand your job requirements.
  • commit to working with your employer, when necessary, to make job accommodations that will enable you to return to work.
  • help you develop a new employment goal if a job change is required.
  • contact employers if specialized job development and placement is needed.

Who Employs My Rehabilitation Consultant

Your rehabilitation consultant is an employee of the Idaho Industrial Commission. The Idaho Industrial Commission is responsible for ensuring injured workers receive the benefits the law? requires. He or she will assist you with returning to work that is as close to your time-of-injury job as possible.

Your rehabilitation consultant does not work for insurance companies, attorneys, or other groups involved in the workers’ compensation process. Your consultant serves as a neutral third party professional who is objective in providing you with return to work assistance.

Rehabilitation Links

Information for Employers

Information for Injured Workers

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A work-related injury or illness can be a devastating event for a worker and the worker’s family. The potential negative impact for lost income and benefits can be great. It is the goal of the Rehabilitation Division to help injured workers return to the workplace. The target is to return workers to positions that are near or at “pre-injury” status and wage. We provide these services at no extra cost to employer, insurer, or employee. Commission staff also helps workers explore alternative employment when a status return is not possible. This development includes in-depth transferable skills analysis, vocational exploration, and job placement identification.

The Rehabilitation Division utilizes an automated Rehabilitation Case Management System (RCMS) to communicate with medical providers, sureties, and employers. An electronic referral form is available online for any business or individual to access.

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