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Employer Compliance Department

All it takes is a simple misstep or a loss of balance to make a devastating and permanent impact in the life of a worker. Employees in any kind of work facility can face years of lost income and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

For an uninsured employer, these injuries can be devastating to its business. Idaho law places full responsibility for compensation on the uninsured employer. There is a payment need for all related medical and indemnity expenses as well as a 10% penalty for failure to carry coverage and other fees. The Commission provides outreach efforts for insurance training in Workers’ Compensation Law throughout Idaho.

Core Functions

  • Enforces the insurance requirements of the Idaho Worker’s Compensation law (Title 72, Chapters 1-8, Idaho Code).
  • Provide Educational Outreach, which may include the proper classification of workers as either employees or Independent Contractors
  • Evaluate and determine if a reciprocal agreement will allow for the issuance of a temporary extraterritorial certificate
  • Custodian of Records for the proof of workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Idaho
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