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To cultivate an Idaho Workers’ Compensation system that is cooperative, supportive, and equitable for workers and employers in addressing the effects of workplace injuries and illnesses.


To fairly administer the Idaho Workers’ Compensation Law.

Guiding Principles

  • ?Quality Customer Service
  • ?Impartiality
  • ?Accessible Services
  • ?Ethical Practices and Behavior
  • ?Cost Effective and Efficient Operations

Advisory Committee

An?Advisory Committee?has been established to provide the Industrial Commission with informed recommendations and advice on issues affecting the Idaho workers' compensation system. The membership is made up of experienced workers' compensation professionals representing a variety of perspectives.


The Industrial Commission is comprised of four divisions: Compensation, Rehabilitation, Adjudication, and the Crime Victims Compensation Program.

The Idaho Industrial Commission offers rehabilitation services. Employees are the state’s greatest business asset. It is essential to the fiscal health of the state to quickly return injured workers to the labor force.

The Idaho Industrial Commission is an administrative court, and through the Adjudication Division, it provides decisions in workers’ compensation disputes between workers and employers. The Commission is also the upper level reviewing authority for unemployment insurance decisions issued by the Idaho Department of Commerce & Labor.

The Idaho?Crime Victims Compensation Program?was established in 1986 to provide assistance to crime victims who suffer personal injuries. Since it was established, the Program has served over 21,000 victims of crime in Idaho without relying on a single tax dollar.


The three commissioners of the Idaho Industrial Commission are appointed by the governor to serve staggered six-year terms. Traditionally, one is appointed to represent employers, one is appointed to represent employees, and the third is an attorney. No more than two commissioners may represent a single political party. The commissioners elect their own chairman. Current members of the Commission are:

Thomas P. Baskin

Chairman Attorney Representative,

Term ends January 13, 2021

Aaron White

Employee Representative,

Term ends January 13, 2023

Thomas E. Limbaugh

Employer Representative,

Term ends January 14, 2025

Timeline of Commissioners

George H. Fisher, 1918-1923
E. F. Caton, 1918-1919
H. H. Barnes, January 1918-July 1919
W. H. Casaday, 1918-1919
Frank J. Clayton, 1919-1921
Lawrence E. Worstell, 1919-1931
Charles E. Duffy, 1921-1923
Joel Brown, 1923-1933
Frank Langley, 1931-1943
W. L. Robinson, 1933-1945
G. W. Suppiger, 1923-1947
B. W. Oppenheim, 1943-1968
Leo Houtz, 1945-1969
Claude R. Hunter, 1947-1969
Will S. Defenbach, 1968-1990
Richard S. Brown, 1969-1970
Gerald A. Geddes, 1969-1992
Lawrence Sirhall, 1971-1988
Larry J. Jackson, 1989
Logan E. Lanham, 1990-1992
Betty Richardson, 1991-1993
Herb Carlson, 1993-1994
James E. Kerns, 1993-1998
Stephen J. Lord, 1994-1996
Rachel Gilbert, 1995-2000
James F. Kile, 1997-2009
R. D. Maynard, 1999-2018
Thomas E. Limbaugh, 2001-Present
Thomas P. Baskin, 2009-Present
Aaron White, 2018-Present

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